About Us_ 

Founded & Managed by Marvin B. Shields

["May God follow me on my Journey"]


Born and raised in Columbus, Ga. Mr. Shields learned the value of what it mean to honor your word. Growing up in the church and becoming an Eagle Scout, Mr. Shields developed morals in life that never waiver. Entering the workforce at the age of 15, he  began the quest of making sure his name was respected. Today nearly 18 years later he continues to hold true to his word while building an honest legacy.


 Shield-ing Atlanta provides Armed Professional Security Guards, Unarmed Professional Security Guards, Personal Protection Guards and Off Duty Police Service. Every Guard is certified and mojority have been working in the security industry for many years. Mr. Shields first came up with the idea to start his own company because as a first responder he encountered  to many companies and small business unable to afford security at  affordable price and found themselves or there customers becoming victims of senseless crime. He wanted to provide a service that would make it easy for companies to obtain professional service while making  their customers feel safe and welcomed to shop and enjoy there stay at the establishment.