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Car Lot Audio Video Deterrence

Auto dealerships are an attractive target for

criminals since the high value merchandise is kept

outside. Protect your dealership from car theft

with proactive deterrence and vigilant surveillance

that only our dedicated team can provide.

Construction Site Tresspasser

Theft, vandalism, and accidents are problems that

every construction site is forced to contend with,

and the amount of money and assets lost can be

shocking. Keep your property safe even when you

aren’t physically on the property with our mobile security solutions.

Scrap Yards

Thieves are more likely to target scrap yards at night when

conventional guard systems are less efective. Illegal

dumpings can happen at any time, but happen so quickly

that it’s hard to stop them. Pro-Vigil systems are designed

to operate 24/7 to alert law enforcement to unauthorized

intrusion, quickly deter illegal dumpers, and address any

other potential threats.

Retail Strip Centers

Retail Strip Centers pose challenging security threats due

to their back alleys, storefronts and parking lots.

Fortunately, Pro-Vigil’s security systems keep vulnerable

areas safely monitored and protects the property with

voice-down communication to deter criminals, notifying

law enforcement when necessary. This will give your

customers the protection they deserve so they can shop,

eat, and have a great time in peace.

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